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Valley of the Gods Recreation Area

BLM Public Land
Valley of the Gods seen from Cedar Mesa above the valley. – San Juan County, Utah Visitor Services

ADA Accessibility Notes

Valley of the Gods is not accessible to the physically challenged unless they are outdoor enthusiasts used to traversing difficult and demanding terrain.

The Valley of the Gods lies below Cedar Mesa and harbors intriguing sandstone monoliths, pinnacles, and other geologic features. It is virtually a miniture Monument Valley. The features are all sculpted from Cedar Mesa sandstone, which was deposited in huge sand dunes near the shores of an ancient sea during the Permian age, 250 million years ago. Fanciful names have been given to the formations such as, The Three Sailors, Locomotive Rock, and Lady In A Bathtub. The Valley of the Gods Bed & Breakfast ( offers lodging at the historic Lee Ranch.

The valley is accessed from either Utah Highway 261 northeast of Mexican Hat, or U.S. Highway 163 west of Bluff. A 17-mile loop road through the valley is graded gravel and clay. The loop crosses several washes which can be problematic if wet or running with water. In such circumstances, caution is advised. The bed & breakfast can most easily be reached from the intersection of the Valley of the Gods road and Utah Highway 261.

Pet Friendly Notes

It is not recommended that pets be taken into the back country during the summer months due to high temperatures, lack of water, and the remote nature of the area. BLM regulations apply regarding pets. 100+ degrees Farenheit in summer months plus precipitous cliffs preclude safely allowing pets to run free. Care is recommended if traveling with pets. Carry enough water for your pet at all times of the year.

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, photography, camping, sight-seeing.


Seasons Accessible

Year round, but the road crosses many washes which can be problematic if wet or running.