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Ute Mountain Pottery

Unique Shop
Sonya Cuthair

Ute Mountain Pottery has been an enterprise of the Ute mountain Ute tribe since 1970. At Ute Mountain Pottery, 90% of the employees are Native Americans. The associated enterprise White Mesa wholesale pottery plant has been in operation since 1994. Ute Mountain Pottery produces approximately 50,000 pieces a year, each of which is uniquely designed, painted, and signed by the hands of Native Americans. Many other artists have tried to duplicate our unique pottery pieces, so the Ute Mountain Ute tribe has recently authenticated our original pottery pieces by using a trademark of our Great Seal on each of our pieces along with hand signatures of the artist who created the piece. Ute Mountain Pottery has a showroom that is open to the public offering a variety of pottery selections and other native pieces that will pique your interest, including but not limited to music, drums, beadwork, and similar items.

Ute Mountain Pottery is located on highway 491 1 mile from Ute Mountain Casino and 8 miles south of Cortez.

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