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Ute Mountain Mesa Verde Birding Festival

Festival Event

2011 Birding Festival Poster – Artist-Chris Vest

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

Tours are most appropriate for adults, teens, and older children.

Spring migrants and early nesters attract birdwatchers from across the nation to the Ute Mountain–Mesa Verde Birding Festival. Located in the archaeological center of America, many of the birding field trips visit spectacular archaeological areas such as Mesa Verde National Park and the Ute Tribal Park.

Diverse habitats from mountain high country, to river corridors and rugged red rock canyons provide microcosms of several Colorado Plateau ecosystems providing opportunities for a wide variety of species. Due to the varied habitats found in southwestern Colorado, there are many opportunities to look for raptors and owls, and both are the focus of special birding tours.

A sample of other possible species include Lucy's Warbler, Black Phoebe, Wild Turkey, Western Tanager, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Roadrunner, Clark's Nutcracker, and Green-tailed and Spotted Towhee. Previous festival checklists have totaled over 150 birds sighted.

Workshops, an art show, and a special dinner speaker round out the events for the festival weekend. Join the flock in the land of ancient cultures and modern day Native Americans for an incredible birding adventure.


Fees vary by tour