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Tse' bighanilini

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Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is a customer service oriented business that specializes in tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. One of our primary goals is to have our guest see Antelope Canyon through the Eyes of a Native American/Navajo. Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours is a Navajo owned business that specializes in tours into the Upper Antelope Canyon/Slot Canyon. We provide Navajo/Native American guides. We are the only business on the Navajo Nation which is located in Antelope Canyon Tribal Park area. We are the Begay Family, the original land user to this beautiful area and will enjoy sharing Navajo stories and Mythology with all visitors...

The rocks that make up the canyon are the petrified remains of prehistoric sand dunes laid down when a shallow ocean filled this portion of North America. Cross bedding is noticeable in the soft sandy walls. Many large overhangs with spiraling grooves carved into the sandstone loom overhead. Millions of years of erosion created this awesome splendor of Mother Nature. Over time, the water started cutting it's way into this sandstone with tremendous force creating eddies and whirlpools, this is what makes the spiraling walls referred to as the Corkscrew formation.

The Antelope Canyon was known about back in the early 1800's and our relatives tell stories of how they used to stop and take breaks while traveling across this semi-desert, taking refuge in this cool canyon. So for some people to say a 12 year old girl found this place is not really true. My family has always lived on this piece of land called LeChee. To hear more details, ask your guide.

The Navajo Nation is home to the awesome haunting splendor of world famous Antelope Canyon. Carved from the rugged Navajo sandstone by a millennium of rain and wind, these natural cathedrals have an uplifting mysticism that words cannot fully describe. Come see nature's suprising masterpiece of color.

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