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Taos Museum and Fechin Inn

Taos Museum and Fechin Inn – Jim O'Donnell

Taos Art Museum opened in 1994. Eight years later it moved to the beautiful and historic Nicolai Fechin home. The museum is dedicated to the art of early 20th-century Taos and the patrons who have nurtured and preserved it for the future. The museum's board and trustees are focused on bringing Taos art back to Taos to be exhibited in the place where it was created.

The museum is housed in the studio and home that artist Nicolai Fechin built for his family between 1927 and 1933. Fechin, born in Kazan, Russia, in 1881, carved and molded the adobe buildings into a fascinating, harmonic marriage of Russian, Native American, and Spanish symbology. Fechin's heirs have entrusted many of his art works to the care of Taos Art Museum.

The heart of the museum is a collection of paintings by the masters of the Taos Society of Artists. This group was prolific from the arrival in Taos of Blumenschein and Phillips in 1898 through the 1930s. As a result of the acclaim these 12 artists and their associates achieved, many more artists migrated to Taos, continuing a tradition of creativity into the 21st century.

The museum is about more than preserving the art of the past. Plans are underway to expand the facility with a new building adjacent to the Fechin House. The five-million-dollar project will enable more of the collection to be exhibited to the public. Museum programs such as art classes, seasonal contemporary art exhibits, hands-on activities for children, and the collection itself will have growing room.



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$8.00 (Sunday admission free to Taos County Residents)

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