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Soda Dam

Geologic Feature
Soda Dam with Icicles – Theodore Greer

ADA Accessibility Notes

Only the parking area is ADA accessible

At Soda Dam, the colorful veil and flowing appearance reflect the cumulative deposits of thousands of years of minerals, dissolved from rocks deep under the earth, and brought to the surface by the hot springs rising along the fault. The mineral Calcium Carbonate, or Travertine makes up the bulk of the deposit. Minor amounts of other minerals or elements cause the different colors in the formation. The bubbles that can be seen rising in the spring waters of Soda Dam are gases dissolved in the water at depth, which on reaching the surface are released into the atmosphere, similar to bubbles in a carbonated drink are released from a bottle or can when opened.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets on leash

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, fishing, photography


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Year round



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