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Shangri La West Gallery

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pottery display – Rod Moen

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Shangri La West features the work of many local artists and crafts people in popular mediums:

Drums, Flutes
Stone Carvings
Storyteller Dolls
Sand Paintings

Buying direct from the artists allows the Moens to search for the most interesting and best quality Native American arts and crafts available. Browse their collections of Hopi silver overlay, Zuni silver with stone inlay, and Navajo silver fabricated jewelry. Unusual fetishes are seen in jewelry, or carved in stone. Alabaster carvings and small sculpture are also available.

The Moens are proud of the quality of the jewelry they show and are able to offer it at very competitive prices. Shop around and you'll quickly realize you won't find this combination of high quality and low price anywhere else.

Shangri La West showcases the work of many local Native American artists. Jemez potters are known for their inventiveness and beauty of their designs such as using traditional black slip on polished red ware, earth colors on pale gray clay, and engraved surfaces, some inlaid with turquoise and other semi-precious stones. Jemez potters are nationally and internationally known artists. Andrée Moen has shown their work for years and you can add to your own collection with confidence.

Zia pottery is prized for its designs from nature: birds, flowers, and animals. You will see some unusual pieces of this hard-to-find work for gifts or for your own collection.

Many Jemez artists have their works published. You may enjoy reading "Storytellers & Other Figurative Pottery" by Douglas Congdon-Martin, published in 1990 by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, PA.

The Moens purchase directly from the artists and continually search for outstanding pieces of work for you to see and purchase. Each artist's pottery is showcased in a display with a photograph of the artist at work.

In addition, the gallery features Native American art from two continents:

Casas Grandes Pottery
In the Mimbres tradition, this once lost art was revitalized by Juan Quezada, master potter, in the 1970's in the town of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chuhuahua, Mexico. Today the pots of Mata Ortiz are in major museums and exhibitions. Andrée Moen has selected these pots for both galleries over the past several years.

Oaxaca Wood Carvings
Village Protectors, Porcupines, Cats, Dogs, and Lizards... wonderful animal carvings from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Peruvian Gourd Carvings
Llamas, village scenes with dancing and feasting are carved on natural gourds.

Seri Ironwood Carvings
Elegant wood turtles, owls, animals, and mythological figures are carved from native ironwood.

From Copper Canyon in northern Mexico come masks, baskets, tiny violins, wonderful sounding drums and large pottery bowls decorated with leather thongs.

The Gallery also features beautiful gift cards with signed original photographic prints of the Jemez Valley, Red Rocks, Guadalupe Mesa, Soda Dam and the golden fall colors along the Jemez River.

Home of Designs by RAM

Rod Moen, chemist turned jeweler, likes to design primitive, earthy forms in silver and brass, or gold filled, with inlay of a variety of semi-precious stones. Rod and Andrée show their work in major arts and crafts shows in the Southwest. Designs by RAM has received various awards including:

Best of Show at the Amarillo Art Museum
Best of Show, Jewelry at the Rio Grande Show, Albuquerque
Best of Show, Jewelry at the Cloudcroft Octoberfest in New Mexico
Egyptian Primitive Earrings, one of Rod's specialties, are made for unpierced ears. Rod forges metal into unusual jewelry. At the gallery you can try on rustic bangle bracelets, necklaces and forged neckbands.

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