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Santa Clara Pueblo

American Indian Reservation
Feast Day Dancers, Santa Clara Pueblo – Michele Tapia Browning

ADA Accessibility Notes

Outdoor areas of interest are accessible by vehicle or wheelchair. Much of the village is dirt roads and accessways. Office buidlings are accessible.

SANTA CLARA PUEBLO is a federally-recognized Indian Tribe located approximately 27 miles north of Santa Fe and one mile from the nearby city of Española. With a population of 2,800 people, it is located one mile from the confluence of the Rio Grande and Santa Clara Creek. The Santa Clara lands range from 5,500 feet in elevation in the Rio Grande Valley to nearly 11,000 feet in the Jemez Mountains. The vast majority of the reservation is undeveloped forest and grasslands, including the Santa Clara Canyon.

Santa Clara Pueblo is open to the public on a daily basis. It is recomended that visitors stop at the tribal Administration office before venturing into the village home areas.


WE HAVE LIVED in our aboriginal homelands since time immemorial. We formerly lived at Puje Owinge or “village near where the rabbits gather,” also known as Puye Cliff Ruins, from time immemorial to about 1300 AD. Around then our ancestors relocated seven miles to the east to our present village of Kha’p’oo Owinge or “village of wild roses.” Our ancestors survived their first encounters with the Spanish conquistadors in 1598. Our ancestors were strong, resilient and irrepressible. They preserved our Tewa language, traditions, dances and culture and handed them down to us. The main part of the village exhibits adobe style structures and is where many of the ceremonies, such as feast day dances, take place today.

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