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Route 66 Scenic Byway

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ADA Accessibility Notes

Many attractions and communities along the corridor offer ADA accessibility.

Route 66 in New Mexico historically provided one of the earliest east - west corridors across the state - eventually replaced by Interstate 40. However, many segments of the Route 66 corridor are still very well preserved, and used today through historic down towns of the communities that grew historically along it's corridor, and generally along the I-40 corridor. Many of these communities along the corridor participate in preserving memorabilia, neon signage, and other attributes conveying the history of this "mother road". In Northwest New Mexico, you can find much of this evidence in the communities (Albuquerque, Grants, Milan and Gallup) and Pueblos (Acoma and Laguna) along the historic corridor that paralels I-40. Historically, this corridor provided first encounters for many Americans, with the longstanding Native American and Spanish cultures of the southwest - these cultures remain colorfully vibrant today along the byway. There are so many cultural, historic, archaeological, artistic, event, adventure, cuisine, parks, monuments, and other opportunities along this corridor in Northwest New Mexico, a visitor could easily spend a week and not take it all in!

New Mexico boasts many miles of unbroken streches of the old Route 66 corridor, with abundant hospitality opportunities along the way for lodging or cuisine and incredibly scenic and picturesque views. Many convenience stores and trading posts along the corridor, offer byway memorabilia. For more information, contact the New Mexico Route 66 Byway Association ([email protected]), or the Grants (505-287-4802) or Gallup (106 W. Historic 66 / 800-380-4989) Chambers of Commerce.

Driving Directions

The Route 66 Byway can be found abundantly along side the I-40 corridor, and constitutes the downtown east-west mainstreet corridors of Albuquerque, Grants and Gallup.

Highlights and Key Points Along the Route

There are more scenic / photographic, historic, cultural, archaeological, adventure, parks, monuments, adventure, cuisine and other opportunities along this corridor than can possibly be adequately presented in this space; best to contact the N.M. Dept. of Tourism (505-827-7400), the Gallup Chamber of Commerce (800-380-4989) or Grants Chamber of Commerce (505-287-4802).

Length of Byway or Route

The byway crosses the entire state east - west; from Albuquerque to Gallup in the four corners (northwestern) part of the state.

Pet Friendly Notes

Many open areas along the corridor available to pets; generally acceptable in communities on a leash.

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