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Rio Arriba Stuntman's Association (RASA), (LLC)

Crime of Passion - Crew On Set – RASA

The purpose and function of the Rio Arriba Stuntmen's Association shall be to maintain and promote the cultural and historical significance of the old west with empasis on Northern New Mexico during the period of 1880-1900; to develop economic opportunites and general welfare for the community and ourselves; to provide members the opportunity to learn about and portray, through re-enactment, the cultural and historical significance of Northern New Mexico during this period, to educate the general public, and provide members through the promotion of other acting opportunites in film and theater.


In 2010, we performed a number of times locally, including the following:

  • At the Cumbres and Toltec railroad depot, in Chama, New Mexico.
  • At a local cafe, the Elkhorn Cafe.
  • For the Chama Christmas Festival in the Mountains, located at the Chama Valley school gym.

Titles for our programs include:

"Crime of Passion"

  • A local man is found to be contriving with a new widow, causing his jealous wife to take action, resulting in an explosive ending!

"Christmas Pardon"

  • A local rancher takes his matter to court when a stray dog is found to be harassing his livelihood. Townspeople defend the dog, resulting in a suprise end.

How to Support

Eligibiliy for membership to the Rio Arriba Stuntmen's Association is open to all regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or age. The membership of RASA shall consist of the following:

  • (a) Persons who complete and sign a basic membership application.
  • (b) Persons who portray a character or character of Northern New Mexico during the years 1880-1900 C.E.
  • (c) Persons who provide historically accurate wardrobe appropriate to their chosen character.
  • (d) Monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of every month. Please call for time and locations.
  • (e) Persons not wishing to display a character may still gain membership and perform backstage operations, film and photography, or other assistance to acting members.

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