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Rainbow Bridge National Monument

National Park or Monument
Rainbow Bridge arcs across Lake Powell water with Navajo Mountain in the background. – Tom Till (Copyright)

ADA Accessibility Notes

Boat tour companies may run ADA accessible craft.

Rainbow Bridge is sheltered in Rainbow Canyon, one of the canyons draining into Lake Powell. The bridge is sacred to the Navajo people. It rises above the waters of the lake with Navajo Mountain visible behind it.

This desert environment is red sandstone, sage, and juniper. Harsh at best but also sublime. Spring will see Indian Paint Brush and Prince's Plume blooming against the red rocks. Summer is hot and unforgiving. Fall, the most pleasant time of year in the desert, will see the desert plants preparing for winter and winter snow will sometimes fall on Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge is 275 feet across, 42 feet thick, and 33 feet wide. It is the world's largest natural stone bridge.

Pet Friendly Notes

Please follow the National Monument regulations relative to pets.

Recreational Opportunities

The bridge is accessed by boat from Lake Powell, tours are available and private boats may also access the canyon; and by foot from Navajo Mountain. Access to the trail from Navajo Mountain is permitted by Navajo Parks and Recreation ( and is an overnight hike down and back. Some hikers arrange for boat pick-up at the Monument.

Recreation includes hiking and boating.


Seasons Accessible

Ranbow Bridge is best accessed in the spring and fall. Winter can see snow on the trail and freezing temperatures at the lake. Summer temperatures will rountinely exceed 100 degrees Farenheit.


There is no fee to enter the monument but boat and hiking tour companies charge a fee.

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