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Mustang Camp

Educational Opportunity
More than 20,000 captive mustangs are in the system with little hope of adoption. We are trying to bring them hope. – Patricia Irick

ADA Accessibility Notes

Physically and mentally challenging conditions.

Education Element Objectives

The student will be able to:

  • train a wild horse using principles of behavior modification,
  • accurately describe the individual horse temperament and physical characteristics,
  • write an advertisement,
  • develop a marketing plan to find a horse adopter, and
  • be certified as a mustang trainer and ​wild horse and burro adoption agent.

Take home skills that can help solve America's Mustang Dilemma.

We provide room and board.

4 week internship: $1500 (including food and lodging).

1 week intensive: $500 (including food and lodging).
Mustang: $125
Generous work/study discounts... if you want to attend but can't afford it, ask about our grants and work /study positions.

Appropriate Ages

16 and up

How to Participate

Fill in our application form

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