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Monero Mustangs Sanctuary

Fish and Wildlife Reserve or Sanctuary
Wild Band at the Water Hole – Sandi Claypool

ADA Accessibility Notes

This is an outdoor/ wild area. As such, we do not have many accessibility features for those with physical disabilities. We do attempt to open our visits to as many people as possible to get our message out, so if you bring your own vehicle with larger than average ground clearance (such as a Jeep or SUV) we will be able to accommodate your needs as well as possible. Other needs, please call ahead and ask. We may be able to provide for your needs.

Monero Mustangs is located on the beautiful Yellow Hills Ranch. We strive to maintain the delicate balance of nature by interfering as little as possible. We are the neighbors and stewards of this elegant ecosystem. Located on the ranch, we have around 100 head of wild horses running free. With them, guests are able to view the other, shyer inhabitants of the ranch. These can (but won't always) include coyotes, deer, elk, prairie dogs, burrowing owls, wild turkeys, and maybe even a mountain lion or bobcat. Together, these creatures maintain the local wildness of Yellow Hills Ranch, making this the perfect ecosystem for the mustangs. Yellow Hills Ranch and Monero Mustangs Sanctuary are working together toward recovering the natural landscape. Through the horses, we are working on a project that has been proven to return the growth of local grasses and aids the land in recovery from human interferences. This is an ongoing project, and is showing signs of success.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome, but please show restraint, to keep them and our animals safe. We are a working ranch as well as a Mustang Sanctuary, so we have many animals of our own as well as the local wildlife. Not all animals are prepared for this, so we ask that you take your pet, as well as ours, into consideration when planning your visit.

Recreational Opportunities

All tours will be hosted by a member of the facility. Waivers must be signed by everyone entering the facility. This helps us keep a record of those who visit. Please call and/ or e-mail to make a reservation in advance. Space is limited, so please let us prepare for you. Photographers, professional or amateur, are encouraged to bring their cameras and equipment. A primitive restroom is provided at the front (rally area). 'Visiting with nature' is encouraged during the tour, as outhouses or Port-a-potties will be unavailable until the end. ATV's, four-wheeler's, dirt bikes, and/ or snow mobiles are expressly prohibited for use by guests. Horseback riding among wild horses can be extremely dangerous, and is also prohibited. Tours are conducted in four-wheel-drive ranch vehicles. If you wish to use your own four-wheel-drive, high-ground-clearance vehicle (such as a Jeep or large SUV) this will be acceptable.


Seasons Accessible

This is an outdoor/ wild area. We are subject to the weather, but as long as weather holds, we are able to offer tours year-round. Please call in advance so we can check the local weather. We offer tours within the hours of daybreak to dusk, depending on your needs. An average tour lasts from two to five hours. We ask that you dress for changing weather, bring a jacket in the summer, and dressing in layers in the winter. Sturdy walking shoes or boots are recommended, as a portion of the tour may include minimal walking in rural terrain.


Cost of Tours: $100/per person; Cost of Sponsorships: $250/per horse, per year; Discounts may be available for large groups - Please call!

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