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Largo Canyon School

Lodge or Resort
We remodeled the old school to resemble a pueblo. – Mirek Towski

Driving Directions

[Google Map]( County Road 379, Counselor, Rio Arriba, New Mexico 87018&ll=36.479051,-107.528275&spn=0.010628,0.018325&t=h&z=16)

Getting here is an adventure.

The Largo Canyon School is accessible from either NM 64 at Blanco, or from US 550 at Counselor. Check your odometer as you leave the pavement: from NM 64 it's 26 miles upstream (south) along Largo Canyon; from US 550, its 22 miles, which takes you east along Escrito Canyon (8.7mi), then north at the cell tower downstream along the Largo.

We strongly suggest that you call as you are leaving the pavement so incase you break down, get stuck, or lost, we can come find you. Stay on the main road. There is a suspension bridge across the Largo 3 miles south of US 64, anywhere south of that you should be on the west side of the wash.

If the weather is wet, please call before you attempt the drive. It really can be dangerous. We can usually come pick you up. If you have a low clearance vehicle, you may want to leave it parked on the pavement and let us ferry you in. In any case, take your time, watch those bumps and keep your eye out for road hazards. And if you get tired, get out and walk along the canyon. The walls are covered with rock art.

Eco-Friendly Notes

We recycle. We garden. We conserve. We heat most of our building with passive solar from our attached greenhouses. We have adobe and strawbale buildings. Our water comes from an artesian well. Unfortunately, since we took up feeding horses, we can't claim to be quite as light on the planet as we would like to be.

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

We are it. John cooks for you. We owned the Navajo City Roadhouse cafe for 5 years and he honed his skills in the kitchens of Navajo City.

The mission of Largo Canyon School is to facilitate transformation of people and organizations that will make a positive difference in the evolution of the individual, the workplace, the community, and the planet.

We believe in:

  • treading lightly on the planet,
  • appreciating whatever we encounter,
  • letting things happen,
  • living in the essence,
  • the beauty of ambiguity

Imagine what you'd get if you crossed an ashram with an elementary school.

In a remote and rustic setting, we provide small-group retreat facilities for meeting, training, living, and bonding. We are smoke-free and pet-friendly.

Pet Friendly Notes

Animals are okay if they get along with others. We have room for you to bring your horses.

Recreational Opportunities

In this remote canyon, you might feel alone, but you are a part of a long procession of peoples who have gone before. Hundreds of archaeological sites surround us attest to the importance of the Canyon as a buffer zone between warring peoples, as the ancestral home of the Navajo, and as a route in the development of the United States. Rock art, pueblitos, historical landmarks, pithouses, and more are waiting for you to explore.

The Largo Canyon School hosts the non-profit organization Mustang Camp. Mustang Camp does pre-adoption gentling of wild horses and trains people to train wild horses. We will probably let you pet one. Then we might try to talk you into taking it home with you.

During hunting season, we are the only lodging available in Unit 2C. We will treat you nicely and feed you well.


Seasons Open

Year round


Rate Range

$50/day or less (including meals)


Locally or Family-Owned Business


Guests sleep in the monastic bedrooms of the hostel wing. Each bedroom has two single beds.

The gym building contains the commercial kitchen, and a basketball court. Our water comes from an artesian well. We have a classroom, a library, and a crafts room available.

Covered stalls and large paddocks are available to our guests. Public lands surrounding us provide unlimited riding opportunity.

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