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Lake City Historic District

Historic Site
Lake City – Chamber of Commerce

The Lake City Historic District (Town of Lake City), Hinsdale County, Lake City, Colorado, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 1, 1978 in recognition of this property’s significant contribution to the heritage of the state of Colorado.

Known as a gem in Colorado due to the wealth of preserved, old buildings (many of which have at least some national historic interest), Lake City also enjoys a lack of modern intrusions by newer buildings in their midst. Fifty-one historic sites were located within the original District boundary. Four additions have been added to include Foote and Richardson, Bluff, Casco, and West Lake.

Roughly bound by Bluff, Eighth, Lake and First Streets, the Lake City Historic District is a historic walk back in time. Influenced by Victorian, Italinate, Western, and the mining industry, this eclectic group of buildings is unique. Over 200 historic buildings are found within the District.

The area was originally home to the Tabeguache band of Utes who were relocated by the Brunot Agreement in 1873. The area was settled in 1874 by miners, speculators, and prospectors and incorporated in 1875. Following the mining boom and bust cycles, the economy Lake City was revived during the post-World War II tourism trade.

Walking Tours of the Historic District are offered through the Hinsdale County Museum during the summer months, as well as a self-guided Walking Tour following the commemorative interpretive signs.

Time Period Represented

Late 1800s to modern

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