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j. Madison Rink, Art & Geology

Local Artist, Musician, or Craftsperson

“Mystical, magical, oddly transformational are words that come to mind when I think back to my first visit to Taos, New Mexico. The experience haunted me for many years , as is true for many who are drawn to this area. Often, I liken the experience to being tossed into a rock tumbler. When the rock tumbling process is complete the rough exterior of the rock has been ground away by the long, tumultuous tumbling. What evolves and revealed is the naturally exquisite inner beauty of gems." jmr

Artist Statment - YALE, Beinecke Library - Link provided below.

Award winning and fine art photographer, writer and artist, j. Madison Rink eventually returnedto the enchanted village of Taos**,** New Mexico where she continues her search in another unique geological terrain to hunt these naturally sculpted works. The original and driving influence for this body of work has been the extraordinary and mysteriously intriguing, high end antique tribal and Asian art created by the aboriginal peoples from around the world.

"This body of work was originally inspired by the native spirits of the earth who continue to guide me. I feel a stirring, deep connection to each of the embodied spirits in these photographs and continue to be astounded by our human ability (from one moment to the next if we wish) to see other dimensions; feel liberated by the fluid magic of perception, hence the ability to see anything we choose to see, and differently... know the sacred, spirit nature of the earth." jmr

CLICK TO SEE FULL IMAGES: "existential sleep" (agony or ecstasy) – © j. Madison Rink

2015-16 Photographic & biographical materials included in the archives at Yale University, Beinecke Library, Women in Photography International Archives: a historical documentation also included in the archives at the Smithsonian, New York,, Women's Museum, Wash D.C., the GETTY Museum, Los Angeles**,** The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Radcliffe for Advanced Study, Harvard University,, International Center of Photography, (ICP) New York City, University of Arizona Center of Creative Photography, Tucson.

Artist Statement: YALE University, Beinecke Library, Women in Photography International Archives:

YALE|Beinecke Library, Women in Photography International Archives

Women in Photography International (1985 - 2018)

In 2009, UNESCO, the educational subsidiary of UNITED NATIONS published a book entitled “Geotourism & Local Development” (Portugal) and included a segment devoted to an array of contemporary, international artists promoting "Nature awareness through interpretation." Several of these fine art signature images were included in this book, along with an interview exploring her “circular in nature” healing experiences with the earth and her keen interest in the rich cultural, religious and symbolic history of her chosen canvas; rock-stone.

j. Madison Rink's photographic works were also included in a 2010 publication by Geoartist and paleontologist, Andrea Baucon. This pioneering book entitled “Geology and Art; an unorthodox perspective,” traces the history of Art and Geology beginning with the works of Leonardo da Vinci, up to and including contemporary international artists of the day.

2006 Mary H. Dana Women Artists series and collection, Rutgers University.

Exhibited in galleries across the U.S. and other photographic works included in a traveling group exhibit in Europe entitled "Climate Change." All images photographed in several locations of the United States, including the Four Corners Region, many signature pieces from the twenty million years old Santa Monica Mountain range, as well Vasquez Rocks, in So. California.

2017 Included in new, upcoming Publication, by R.V. (Dick) Dietrich, "Do You See What I See"

j. Madison Rink - a photograph blog:

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