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Goldcrafters by Tiki

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Goldcrafters sign – Tiki Carpenter

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Local hand made jewelry with a minimum of undesirable by-products, with pieces made often from local material by a local artist who is very eco friendly.

Second Repair Example:
Picture B

Picture B : This photograph depicts an old yellow gold ring originally mounting a green-blue nugget style turquoise stone. This repair was very unusual and complicated. The cause of the damage had been a smashing with a five-pound sledge hammer thus flattening the ring. In the process the stone popped out. Note the bezel or lip of gold that held the stone was torn and broken.

Goldcrafters re-shaped the ring, ground off the damaged bezel, made a new bezel by hand, soldered the new bezel on at 1600 degrees, filled in other damaged areas with gold solder, and re-set the stone. The approximate price of this repair is around $180.00 plus Shipping and Handling charges.

Gold Crafters**Ms. L.T. Carpenter**P.O. Box 218**Durango, Colorado 81302**Phone (970)-259-5155

At Goldcrafters acquire Designer Original Jewelry by Tiki - 'Lady Miner'.

‘One -of -A -Kind’

Inspiration for Ms. Carpenter’s work is taken from the mountains, deserts, petroglyph and mineral areas she visits in the Four Corners Region.

Commission custom built jewelry by jeweler, precious gold and silver metal smith, Tiki Carpenter.

Bring or send especially those old turquoise and silver or inlaid stone 'Indian Jewelry' items needing repair to Tiki.

This is The Place to have those items restored as most jewelers on the East and West coast do not know how to work on these specialized pieces!

Second Repair Example: Picture B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gold Crafters


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