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Gallup Shooting Range

Outdoor Adventures, Hunting Area
Gallup Shooting Range – Gallup Shooters Inc

The Gallup Shooting Range offers a safe place to practice shooting will in the "Adventure Capital of New Mexico". The land the range was on was donated by Gamerco & Associates and by Gallup Shooters Inc. founded in 2005. With help of local volunteers and our shooting enthusiast base, the NRA, and support from the City of Gallup, McKinley County, and State Legislature improvements to the range began. This range is now one of the top places to shoot and hold events in the State. The club is a non-profit corporation and is NRA affiliated. Club membership is open to the public; new members and daily shooters are always welcome.

The purpose of the Gallup Shooters Inc. is to promote the shooting sports and provide a safe convenient location for citizens to enjoy shooting sports and learn the skills of using firearms for personal protection, recreational shooting and hunting. The range will promote the safe use of firearms in our community and through the state. The shooting range will provide an alternative to illegal firearm practice on the mesas, open spaces and vacant areas around Gallup, New Mexico.

The shooting range is conveniently located 5 miles Northwest of Gallup, New Mexico. And will provide a safe environment for shooters of all ages to practice and learn the skills of using a firearm. Gallup Shooters will make the range available for Hunter Safety, 4 H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, ROTC or any other youth group needing a location to shoot.

Best Access and Parking Areas

Gallup Shooting Range Parking Lot -

Exiting I-40 at exit 16 head west on Route 66 (NM118) past travel centers. The first road on the right is Mentmore Road head staight down this road across the railroad tracks. Keep heading north across the bridge and stay straight until dirt road. Go up hill and straight for several miles - the range and lot will be on the right. Please park in the provided lot.

Hints and Tips for Hunting this Area

Gallup Shooting Range offers the following facilities and challenging ranges in a scenic setting:

  • Rifle, Muzzleloading and Pistol
  • 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 yard targets
  • 1 Trap Range
  • Covered Shooting Lines, Shooting Benches and Covered Picnic areas with tables.

Rules and Regulations for Hunting Area

A parent or guardian must accompany youth under the age of 18.

Day Use Range Pass
$10 per day
complete paperwork at Bill's Reloading (603 W Historic Highway 66)
Monday - Saturday, 8am-6pm Range Rules & Safety

These Range Rules will be in effect any time the club range is in use with the exception of special event shoots.

  • Proper muzzle control will be observed at all times

  • No handling of firearms during a cease fire. Clear weapon and stand behind shooting bench.

  • All firearms will be treated as if they are loaded at all times.

  • Only shooters and coaches/trainers allowed on the firing line. Spectators will remain well behind the firing line.

  • No loose caps or open powder on the firing line.

  • Misfires will be cleared before anyone goes downrange.

  • No loading or capping of firearms until they are on the firing line and muzzle control is observed.

  • All shooting to be directed into berms.

  • Appropriate targets will be used so that bullets, shot etc. strike the berm. This prohibits use of glass, rocks, hard or thick metals or other materials that could deflect a bullet or leave unwanted material on the berms.

  • No tracer or other incendiary ammunition is allowed.

  • Eye and ear protection is required for shooters and others while on the firing line and while in the proximity of the firing line, including the parking area.

  • Regular members are responsible for their children, guests, and pets (including eye/ear protection).

  • No smoking on the firing line.

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range at any time.

  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs are allowed on the range at any time.

  • For your safety, lock the gate every time you go through it.


    • Range users realize that there are hazards on the shooting range and the user assumes all risks in connection with such hazards. Users further agree and understand that the operator assumes no liabilities for the safety of the user and user's guest(s) and property. Users further agree to release the operator, his agents and/or employees from any liability for damages or injury to the person or property of the user that might occur on the shooting range.
    • Cumulative of the foregoing, the user agrees to indemnify and hold the operator and his agents, and/or Employees, harmless from any liability or claim for injury or damages to the person and/or property of the user occurring on the shooting range.
    • Safety is Paramount, and is the personal responsibility of each and every authorized user of the range. The basic rules of Safety and Gun Handling will be observed at all times. All posted rules will be followed at all times. FAILURE TO F0LLOW RULES WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM THE RANGE.
    • *Failure to abide by the above rules may, at the discretion of the executive committee, result in forfeiture of my membership and any fees paid.**
      These Range Rules are intended to provide a safe shooting environment. They are intended to encourage safe and responsible use of firearms and are to be interpreted broadly in their application. These Range Rules are not intended to limit the Club in enforcing safe and responsible use of the Shooting Range. The Club can limit use of the range beyond the Range Rules set forth above if the Club deems any use to be unsafe or irresponsible.

    Other Rules

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