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Filigree - Art Gallery, Gift Shop, Custom Window Coverings

Unique Shop
Manitou Clay Figure 3"x4" $25.00 – Lynne Burton

Filigree is a unique shop located in downtown Chama, in the same building as the Cumbres Shopping Mall. Filigree has a private entrance to the right of the main entrance to the mall, and cannot be accessed from the main mall. Visitors are welcome to come in and browse through the unique handmade gifts and artworks on display at Filigree. Nearly all artworks are made by Lynne Burton or by some other member of her very talented family.

Lynne Burton is the artist /owner at Filigree. Lynne has lived in and traveled around Europe and the US all of her life, and has been a resident of NM since she was a young teenager. Drawing from her life experiences and her deep sense of ancestral connection, Lynne's art takes many forms of expression. She does paintings, pencil drawings with themes of fantasy and nature, she makes ancestral masks and clay figures, hand painted glass bottles, warm fleece hoods and sun bonnets. She has painted murals in public places, including the Santa Fe Ski Basin. She also extends her artistic skills into the realm of interior decorating, and has been operating that business with an emphasis on custom window coverings for 26 years. Nine of those years Lynne's business was in very successful operation in Santa Fe, NM.

Lynne's earliest ambition, at 3 years old was to be a pig farmer. By the age of 8 she realized that she really was an artist, and has never wavered from that path, even though she has had no formal training. "I believe that artists are born, not made. Artists are people who look at and experience the world and worlds beyond from a different perspective. Technique can be taught, but not a person's feelings and their unique ways of expressing those feelings."

Lynne lives far back up in the mountains, very comfortably, though primitively off the grid.


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