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Field Institute of Taos

Educational Opportunity
S. Fiore - Field Institute of Taos
We have offered fun, successful **outdoor environmental education programs** focused on **active, hands-on learning** experiences since 1996. Based in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico and utilizing the local outdoor environment of Northern New Mexico and beyond, our exciting programs are focused on **adventure, environmental education, outdoor skills**, and **encouraging active, healthy lifestyles**. While our summer camps are a big part of what we do, we also offer custom programs for families or schools. In addition, Team F.I.Taos is a cycling team encompassing all ages and all abilities. All of our programs have a strong mentorship component encouraging youth and adults to share their knowledge and support each other.

We strive to make a difference in the lives of young people and in our community and world. Everything we do is infused with our unique approach to creating a strong connection with nature through our fun, healthy, engaging, exciting, outdoor programs. We are totally committed to offering high quality, fun, outdoor programs promoting a sense of place and healthy lifestyles. Our approach is multi-faceted, team oriented, and educational with topics in natural sciences and outdoor skills**.**

Topics we explore in summer camps include wildlife, water conservation, trees, predators and prey, geology, archeology, conservation, nutrition, human ecology, alpine and forest ecology, and much more. We explore each theme and our surroundings through hikes, field notes and drawings, organized activities, art projects, and games. Our staff is made up of individuals with experience, enthusiasm, and a passion for getting out in the natural world.

The future of environmental education is bright and the awareness of the need for physical activity has increased as more media attention and, hopefully, funding follows these critical areas. The “No Child Left Inside” and “Children and Nature” movements are growing and raising awareness of the importance of the connection ALL young people need to have with nature. The benefits are both physical and mental, resulting in happier, healthier, and smarter children.

Join us as we adventure, explore, interact, grow, learn, jump, run, bike, listen, see, and touch the incredible world around us!

Appropriate Ages

Summer Programs are offered for ages 6 through 16.

How to Participate

Go to our website at for details and to sign up or call us at (575)770-2391

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