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El Morro Traditional Crafters

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The El Morro Traditional Crafters are "“An Interwoven Community for the Fiber Arts” located in El Morro Valley, NM. They are talented & dedicated group of residents who enjoy getting together to teach, learn, practice & preserve the art of traditional handcrafts such as spinning wool, weaving, quilting, knitting, felting, needlepoint, rug braiding, tapestry making, and more.

There is nothing quite like an old fashioned quilting bee at the Old School Gallery. Are we having any FUN yet? I think so!! – El Morro Traditional Crafters

The El Morro Traditional Crafters meet regularly and offer a wide variety of workshops every year through the El Morro Area Arts Council, to teach & share the traditional fiber arts. In the Autumn they host the annual Fiber Arts Festival at the Old School Gallery, where their members exhibit and sell their beautiful hand work.

The El Morro Traditional Crafters also have unique social aspect. Members get together, 7 or 8 times a year, for Spinning parties, to hand spin wool yarn together, and Finishing Parties where they gather to work on and finish up the various projects each member is working on.

New members are warmly welcome to join the El Morro Traditional Crafters. Check their schedule of activities in the current Newsletter of the El Morro Area Arts Council.

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El Morro Traditional Crafters

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