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Dome at Los Silvestres ... Early 6th Century A.D. Byzantine Adobe Architectural Wonder

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Dome at Los Silvestres capped by a winter snow storm. – Richard Bock

ADA Accessibility Notes

ADA Accessible. No restrooms on site.

Ample Parking .... We have little difficulty accommodating up to 50 or 60 passenger cars at one time.

Bring Your Camera/**SmartPhone** .... The Dome at Los Silvestres is located on one and a quarter acre on Highway 84. The scenery in a 360 degree spin is spectacular. The view to the SSW of the property is the very top of Pedernal, .... Flint Hill has been painted by many an artist, most notably the late Georgia O'Keeffe.

If you wish to be notified of the days the cane cholla cactus bloom in mid-June, email us. Who knows, if enough people contact us .... we'll just have to throw a party!

The Dome at Los Silvestres is an early 6th century A.D. architectural wonder first developed by the Byzantines. The process incorporates pendentives to convert a square adobe building into a semi-circular dome.

This particular structure was built in ten days in May 2006 by students and friends of the Arches, Domes & Vaults Class at Northern New Mexico College in El Rito under the direction of Professor Quentin Wilson.

The height of The Dome is 16'9'" on the outside and 16'2" on the inside as the walls are 14 inches thick and the domed roof is seven inches thick. In the heat of the summer, the inside of The Dome is perhaps 20 to 25 degrees cooler than the outside because heat rises.

The Dome at Los Silvestres stands on an exceptional concrete foundation of two and a half feet deep and two feet thick with a reinforcement basket of nine rebars each three quarter inches thick.

During the summer and fall months, Lori Faye Bock sets up her seasonal studio there where she paints or works in clay .... sometimes even both. Reproductions of her original paintings on museum quality limited edition prints, a colorful line of art greeting cards, hand-made ceramic cups and bowls with quotes from famous Americans are available when the front door is open. Email Lori Faye Bock well in advance if you'd like to make an appointment to meet her at [email protected].

Pet Friendly Notes

Well behaved pets and responsible pet guardians welcomed! We'll always have a generous bowl of water and perhaps some treats .... for the well behaved pets.


Seasons Open

Summer and Fall and please call (1 877 505.4822) or email ( ahead.

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