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Dine' Bii'tah Scenic Byway

Scenic Byways or Routes
the beginning of the Scenic Road Route 12 as you drive north. – Valcita Thompson

ADA Accessibility Notes

Most facilities are handicaped accessible.

To travel the Dine' Bii'tah Scenic Byway is to see and Experience the Heart of the Navajo: "The people of the Fourth World". If you only travel to one place in the Navajo Nation, it should be this roadway. Travel the Dine' Bii'tah Scenic Byway and enter the heart of Navajo history, culture, spiritually, natural wonder, arts and crafts. Experience the Traders Routes (Lupton to St.Michaels), Building our Nation: Leaders & Government (Window Rock to Ft. Defiance), Crossroads of Dine' Chiefs and Medicine Men(Defiance Plateau and Chuska Mt.), At Peace with mother nature(Wheatfields lake area), Everything is Old is New Again: Education(Dine' College and Tsaile), and Sacred Stongholds & the People of the Fourth World(Tsaile to Canyon DeChelly area).

Driving Directions

The route of the Dine'Bii'tah Scenic Byway is from South to North. From Rt. 12 at interstate 40 (Exit 357) at the Gateway to the Navajo Nation Lupton north, to Rt. 264 in St. Michaels, Rt 264 east to Rt. 12 north in Window Rock, Rt. 12 north to Tsaile (thr road passes through New Mexico for a few miles), west at Rt. 64 to Tsaile to Canyon DeChelly Visistor Center, BIA Rt. 7 south along the South Rim of Canyon DeChelly to Spider Rock Overlook.

Highlights and Key Points Along the Route

The storyline of the Dine' Bii'tah Scenic Byway is the emergence, preservation and strengthening of the Dine' people. Along the course of the byway the traveler can experience the breath of Navajo culture and history from its ancient roots to its modern Capital and everyday restaurants. Here one can discover: the ancient Navajo roots in the Canyon DeChelly, the story of their becoming a Nation within a Nation, experience the beauty and diversity of their land, and witness the Navajo as a contemporary people with their own language, business, and trades.

Length of Byway or Route

Officially the Dine' Bii'tah Scenic Byway is 105 miles.

Pet Friendly Notes

pets welcome in most areas.

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