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Comb Ridge

Geologic Feature
Driving through Comb Ridge on Utah Highway 95 west of Blanding. – Coyotes Singing Studio

ADA Accessibility Notes

The area is not accessible to the physically challenged unless they are outdoor enthusiasts used to traversing difficult and demanding terrain.

Comb Ridge is a classic example of a geologic monocline and forms the abrupt eastern flank of the Monument Upwarp, a geologic feature that dominates portions of southeastern Utah. The ridge, located west of Blanding and Bluff, extends north and south for 70 miles, with the Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway cutting through steeply tilted Navajo, Kayenta, Wingate, and Chinle rock formations. Cliff dwellings and rock art sites are located on Comb Ridge but are not marked for the visitor. The ridge prevented easy east/west travel until Utah Highway 95 was constructed in the 1970s and cuts were made through the ridge at two points, west of Blanding along Utah Highway 95 and between Bluff and Mexican Hat, Utah along US Highway 163.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not restricted but pet owners should be aware of the strenuous nature of hiking in the area and act appropriately with pets. Water is not always available, neither is shade.

Pets are allowed on the trails but visitors are asked to clean up after them in order to ensure a positive experience for those following them. 100+ degrees Fahrenheit in summer months and ice falls and below freezing temperatures in the winter plus precipitous cliffs preclude safely allowing pets to run free. Care is recommended if traveling with pets. Carry enough water for your pet at all times of the year.

Recreational Opportunities

Spring, fall, and winter hiking through the Comb Ridge area is popular. Summer temperatures can be quite high and special care must be taken to carry enough water and dress appropriately for hot summer sun exposure.

Canyon exploration, visiting ancient archaeological sites, and strenuous hiking are all enjoyed activities in the Comb Ridge area.

Both active recreation and quiet contemplation are possible here.


Seasons Accessible

Comb Ridge is accessible year round, although summer temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit make summer the least attractive of the four seasons for exploration of Comb Ridge.



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