Twin Rocks

On the northwest side of the majestically scenic Southwestern town of Bluff, Utah stand the rock pillars known as the Navajo Twins.  Perched on a slight promontory rising above town, these geologic masterpieces are named for the mythical Hero Twins of Navajo legend.  Sculpted by wind and water throughout many mellinea, these towers have stood guard over numerous civilizations, the earliest of which was established in approximately 650 A.D.  These silent sentinals now watch over a town of 250 modern day pioneers who choose to call this village home.

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Latitude: 37.2877115 Longitude: -109.5477086 Elevation: 4412 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Recreational opportunities include sight-seeing and photography.

Seasons Accessible

Year round.



Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are allowed but visitors are asked to clean up after them in order to insure a positive experience for those following them.  100+ degrees Farenheit in summer months preclude safely allowing pets to run free.  Care is recommended if traveling with pets.  Carry enough water for your pet at all times of the year.

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