Town of Dolores

Dolores is a must-stop for anyone who is nearby. We are a wonderful small town located in a canyon with the beautiful Dolores River cutting along one side and rock cliffs on the other. Summer temperatures range between 85 and 90 degrees with cool, clear nights. We also have nearby mountains and the second-largest reservoir in the state, McPhee Reservoir. The San Juan National Forest is only one mile away, which makes all of the above an outdoor enthusiasts wonderland. Along with the outdoors, Dolores offers a unique mixture of shops, restaurants, taverns and even a brew pub. There are four town parks, a resourceful public library and a peaceful bike trail that runs along the beautiful Dolores River. Dolores also has three RV parks to welcome road travelers.  


Latitude: 37.4738818 Longitude: -108.5045356 Elevation: 6934 ft
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Ryan Mahoney

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