Toadleda-Two Grey Hills

Toadlena is small community in Shiprock Northern Agency, New Mexico. Toadlena was first Navajo Nation Council met in early 1900's. Located 35 miles south of Shiprock, NM, off US Highway 491 and go on route Navajo 19.

Toadlena and Two Grey Hills is famous for their rug weaving. Person may visit Toadlena Trading Post and Two Grey Hills Trading Post to purchase rugs, and collections of Navajo arts & crafts, scenic views, see sheep herders, rug weaving demostration on site.

In near by, one would visit archaeological sites, and Two Grey Hills monument.

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Latitude: 36.2307736 Longitude: -108.8917637 Elevation: 6849 ft
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Rug weaving

When Navajos returned from the Long Walk of 1868, many Navajos resettled near Toadlena and Two Grey Hills communities. Many people consider the town as first local government or agency for those Navajos in New Mexico.

Most or none of Navajo towns are not incorporated, but the Navajo Nation Council did established "Chapter" as a form of local government. There are 110 local chapter government establishment today.

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