The Art of Cathleen Palumbo


Latitude: 36.408956 Longitude: -105.574613 Elevation: 6969 ft
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Cathleen Palumbo


After a cross-country trip from the coast of Massachusetts to Northern California and back again in search of the perfect place to settle, I found myself drawn to Northern New Mexico. In 2010, I closed down my life on the east coast after 36 years and eventually landed in El Rito, New Mexico.  I now live in Taos.

My first trip to the Grand Canyon was in 2002 and it left me longing for more. We passed through Arches National Park and Monument Valley. From this experience I began to imagine a series of paintings linking the human form with the rock formations. I think it was about this time my discontent with life on the east coast began.

In 2005 I visited Chaco Canyon and was deeply moved by the history, the mystery and the beauty of the landscape. By the time I descended into Death Valley in the fall of 2009, exhilarated by the landscape, feeling that I was flying and also at the bottom of the ocean, my attachment to the ocean melted away.

My work is currently focused on figurative and surreal expressions. In creating a painting I try to draw out the essence of my experience with the landscape through shape, color and movement, riding the emotions into a space between waking and dreaming.

I have written a book, "Enjoying Art: An Artist's Perspective on How to Enjoy Art," for non-artists in an effort to set aside any imagined barriers and allow themselves to have an open experience with art.

Visits to my studio are welcome by appointment.

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