Tanglewood West Gallery - Abiquiu's Own Online Gallery

Nestled among snow-capped mountains and river-carved canyons lies the Chama Valley where the cool stream meets the crystalline sky in a mosaic of red rocks and juniper trees. At the heart is the Village of Abiquiu, a small, culturally rich and ethnically diverse community of people who call the Chama Valley home.

Abiquiu - with its picturesque landscape and rich cultural heritage - has been a longtime muse to artists, from Georgia O'Keeffe to Ansel Adams and countless others. Today, Abiquiu nurtures a vibrant art community that draws inspiration from the beauty of the Chama Valley and its history.

Abiquiu attracts artists from around the world. Its atmosphere complements and fosters their creativity. Every fall they participate in the Abiquiu Studio Tour.

Brian and Carol Bondy own a property they call Tanglewood West located on the Chama River. Tanglewood West Gallery is a virutal gallery representing a number of area artists and family.

"We invite you to meet the artists of Abiquiu and experience their work. Welcome to Tanglewood West Gallery"


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Latitude: 36.20813 Longitude: -106.321602 Elevation: 6021 ft

Seasons Open

year round

Hours Open

24/7 online from the comfort of your home

ADA Accessibility Notes

Gallery is solely owned by Carol and Brian Bondy of Abiquiu New Mexico

Pet Friendly Notes

Keep your pets close to you as you visit Tanglewood West from the comfort of your home.

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