Sun Studio

Jennifer Thomson
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Latitude: 37.9962547 Longitude: -105.69669 Elevation: 7960 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
jennifer thomson


Sun Studio is located in the town of Crestone.  Go through the town(it is small) come to Carbonate street on your right.  Turn right, follow the road(no far)276 n. spruce street.  The studio is in front of the house near the road, park in front, walk up the walk way. 

My color work is based on Goethe's color indications and Rudolf Steiners'.  Some of my work in on   and  or you could type in youtube and type my name, jennifer thomson.  a short video of me in my studio.  There is a more indepth write up on my art and life on either one of these websites. 

Full Explanation

How long have I been a artist.......most of my life.  I knew when I was a teen.  I studied from the traditional path of training, than broke away to a more spiritual approach to art, color, form.  I also became a art teacher to support myself.  Between teaching and furthering my art, I find that they both belong together....I get alot of inspiration from big art retreat for the year is in August, the second week for students.  They come from all over the map.  

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