San Miguel Chapel Preservation - Traditional Building with Adobe

San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe New Mexico (also known as "the oldest church" is undergoing preservation efforts. Old cement stucco is being removed and adobe bricks being replaced or repaired. The final step is a mud plaster finish. Volunteers are needed for almost all stages of the work. Come learn about this exciting cultural and historical site, participate with others in traditional building techniques, and join the community as we preserve this Santa Fe Treasure! 

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Latitude: 35.6869752 Longitude: -105.937799 Elevation: 6995 ft
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How to Participate

If you are coming to Santa Fe, call the volunteer coordinator, Jean, at Cornerstones Community Partnerships, 505-982-9521. For more information, email

Dates For Participation

5/15/2011 – 9/30/2011

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