San Juan Bible Camp

San Juan Bible Camp is surrounded by the beautiful Ponderosa Pines in the San Juan National Forest North of Mancos, CO. The drive to the Camp covers part of the historic railroad lines used by the Gallopping Goose between Mancos and Dolores. There are many opportunities to see wildlife species of black bear, mule tail deer and elk in our part of the forest.

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Latitude: 37.4193221 Longitude: -108.3275986 Elevation: 7690 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

San Juan Bible Camp offers air rifles, archery, field games, campfires, rock climbing, rappelling, swimming, horseback riding, basketball, volleyball, tetherball, nature hikes, zipline and a low challenge course.

Seasons Accessible

San Juan Bible Camp runs week long camps in the summer for kids ages 8 to 18 years old. The camp also hosts a variety of retreats with like minded organizations for all ages during the Fall, Winter and Spring months.


$20 to $250

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