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The nearest trailhead is just around the corner. An excellent trout stream waits beyond the bend. Whether you're spending an intense day of skiing, climbing or biking, or an easy week birding along Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway, the towns and villages of the region are base camps from which to experience this rich and wild land.

"I love how the desert comes right up against the forest. A lush alpine hike suddenly becomes a desert trek and then a riparian oasis. The convergence of environmental zones makes hiking and trekking here something unique. The open deserts allow you to see the lay of the land. You can find your way by the shapes of the open terrain without even using a compass. I can't believe all of the places I have yet to visit after so many years here."

- David Behrstock, actor and former OutwardBound instructor, Llano Quemado, New Mexico

"I moved here from Lubbock, Texas because of the endless number of things you can do - not to mention doing them in the most beautiful place on Earth! People come from all over the world to fish the San Juan. It's one of the top ten Blue Ribbon streams in the world. The Animas and Dolores rivers are both Gold Metal waters. We've got everything from high mountain creeks to trophy tail waters. Where else can you travel all four directions and still find trout? It's the infinite range of possibilities that bring people here."

-  Drew "Corky" Corcorran, lifelong fly-fisherman, Durango, Colorado

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