N.W. New Mexico Council of Governments

The N.W. New Mexico Council of Governments is a community and economic development organization, contracting with municipal and county governments, that has supported the planning and development needs of northwest New Mexico for over 40 years. The NWNM-COG builds from a foundation of planning, institutional context, and expertise to incorporate strategic innovation and propel regional competitiveness. The COG assists with local and regional planning and development initiatives, serving municipal, county (directly) and tribal (indirectly) governance, in McKinley, San Juan, and Cibola counties of northwest New Mexico. The NWNM-COG serves as one of the primary economic and community development drivers, for a 15,000 square mile region, serving over 235,000 people, with a rural density of 11 persons per square mile. The organization provides a good source of information for visitors and organizations, interested in learning about the region, it's resources, and opportunities for support and collaboration, along with opportunities for voluntary service, and collaborative participation in regional and local initiatives.

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Latitude: 35.5247696 Longitude: -108.7408948 Elevation: 6533 ft

How to Participate

Visit our website at www.nwnmcog.com to gain more detailed information about the N.W. New Mexico Council of Governments, or utilize the contacts provided, if you are seeking information about northwest New Mexico, or opportunities for collaboration and support.

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