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Jo Anne Kiser
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Latitude: 37.9963881 Longitude: -105.6997332 Elevation: 7924 ft
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Jo Anne Kiser


Hola. vaya linda. I have spent most of my life on what I thought was the edge of the four corners area, Denver, CO. I have been intrigued with the gathering of cultures there. In 1991 I earned a Master of Humanities degree from UCD, culminating work in Spanish, Russian and art. I liked integrated studies and have carried that into my own life work and curiousities.

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Jo Anne has lived in the San Luis valley for ten years.

She is a painter of landscape. The Valley has been known for its magical light; it is a perfect place to paint, with the exploration of light, form, and color. She participates in a cooperative gallery in Crestone, the Crestone Artisans Gallery, that features the creativity of the local area.

She has designed cards from her paintings and writings for three National Parks: Yellowstone, Arches and Rocky Mountain. Jo Anne and two of her sisters created a line of postcards to be colored, also linked to the Parks. There is a set for Yellowstone. She is on the board of a local Land Trust. She was recently part of an "Artists of the San Luis Valley" show at the Republic Plaza in Denver.

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