Jicarita Mountain

Jicarita Mountain, meaning "Little Bowl" in Tiwa, and referred to simply as "La Jicarita" by locals is approx. 12,800 feet with a flat top and a little bowl below the peak on it's west face. It towers over the villages around Penasco in Northern New Mexico along the High Road to Taos.

You can hike up to the peak in a day or take a few days depending on which direction you enter the surrounding Pecos Wilderness Area from. The views from the top are plentiful including a view of the Truchas Peaks, Trampas Peak and the entire Penasco Valley from Rodarte to Chamisal to Truchas.

Visitors will find themselves largely on their own other than maybe an elk or marmot.

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Latitude: 35.9752278 Longitude: -105.6328583 Elevation: 12523 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Located in the Pecos Wilderness area, there are numerous hiking trails around and to the peak of the mountain.

Seasons Accessible

spring- fall



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