JF Lucero Wood Sculpture

Jose Floyd Lucero
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Latitude: 35.6572962 Longitude: -105.9741211 Elevation: 6799 ft
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Full Explanation

Jose Floyd Lucero was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He spent his summers in Cordova, New Mexico with this Godparents George T. and Silvianita Lopez. Where he learned to carve in the traditional "Cordova Style."

Jose Floyd is a wood sculptor/carver who continues the family tradition of "Cordova Style" chip carving. His great-grandfather, Jose Dolores Lopez, is known for starting this style of woodcarving in the mountains of Northern New Mexico which has been passed down generation by generation. His art can be seen at the annual Traditional Spanish Market in Santa Fe, the largest art festival of Spanish Colonial Art in the world. As well as by appointment.

Jose Floyd has taught this art form through classes and workshops to those interested in the "Cordova Style" of chip carving. He has made it a priority to teach younger members of his family to carve in order to continue this tradition. Through teaching others he helps to sustain the history, art and culture of the region. Jose Floyd has won numerous awards for this work.

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