Institute for Cultural Reconciliation

ICR works through the arts, culture, and education to promote understanding across cultures in Taos and the world. ICR believes that the diverse cultures of the worlds represent the storehouse of human wisdom which is vital to solving the global and local crises we currently face. Not only do we promote peace through tolerance, but the sharing and open exchange of ideas and practices across cultures in order to build a wiser world is central to our mission. 

ICR is currently involved with renovating its future home at the Historic Taos Plaza Theater. When this renovation is completed, ICR will provide educational, arts and cultural programs which promote cross-cultural understanding. Check back for updates, and look for our new website including written content, blog and chat on issues of Cultural Understanding, Conflict and Reconciliation.

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How to Participate

Volunteer to help with the renovation of ICR's future home: the Historic Taos Plaza Theater.  Help develop programming and web content. We are also looking for collaboations with other educational and arts organizations with an overlapping mission. Call for more info. and/or see the listing for the Taos Plaza Theater.

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