Hopi Tours-Est. 1540 A.D.

A tour of the Hopi villages and mesas will treat the visitor to sights not found otherwise.  Michah Loma'omvaya, Hopi anthrpologist, has created an accessible venue for sharing Hopi culture and knowledge about the Ancestral Pueblo traditions related to many of the Four Corners region's ruins and monuments. 

Michah's focus is to provide guests with a unique perspective on the Hopi relationships to the ancestral places and traditions of the Hisat.Simon,  Hopi ancestors.  Hopi experience blended with education in cultural and natural resources (archaeology, ethnobiology, linguistics, etc.) to establish an understanding of the lifeways of this society which traces it's origins back many centuries prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

This Hopi tour service is offered through various packages tailored to the desires and schedules of visitors; ranging from a one hour tour of Old Oraibi & Prophecy Rock to full day experiences.



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Latitude: 35.8044491 Longitude: -110.6103516 Elevation: 5567 ft
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Ron Robinson

Hours Open

tours begin at 8:30 AM

Time Period Represented

pre-hispanic to present

Seasons Open

year round

Visitor Fees

Pricing ranges from $35 for a two hour tour of the Taawa petroglyphs. Call for rates for your group and timing.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Most of the tours are not accessible.  Inquire for information for your specific tour.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets on the tour.  Summer temperatures can be deadly for pets left in cars.

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