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Adventures in Deep Time -  The Four Corners region has an unparalled potential for introducing any interested citizen to the history of the earth. This is due to its fantastic, high-elevation, layered, and brilliantly colored rocks. A geological tour of a different sort that starts from the perspective that this is a living earth and we are but one of the myriad creatures that are a part of its life. As a result, this is not a tour about rocks, but a tour about the history of life as revealed in the rocks, and about the expansion of the human soul that is possible when we understand our true place within the immensely old living architecture of Planet Earth.

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Latitude: 38.5733155 Longitude: -109.5498395 Elevation: 4027 ft
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Marcia Phillips

How to Participate

Contact Marcia Phillips geonutt@gmail.com or 541-999-5623. Currently setting up an LLC to advertise and conduct geological tours in the Moab area.

Appropriate Ages

25 to 80

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