Hesperus Awakening Retreat Experiences

Hesperus Awakening is a biannual, 3 1/2 day retreat which is held at the Sophia Peace Center in Dolores, CO.  This intensive "consciousness camp" is a spiritually-grounded experience for those who are ready to explore new dimensions of themselves.  Our four professional facilitators--Diane Cox, Florence Gaia, Julia Hesse, and Cassandra Leoncini--are known and respected for their wisdom, humor, expertise, and the ability to guide with heart and insight.  For more information, please visit  Http://www.HesperusAwakening.com.

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Latitude: 37.473882 Longitude: -108.504536 Elevation: 6935 ft
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Cassandra Leoncini

Hours Open

2012 Fall Session: October 18th to October 21

Seasons Open

Sessions are held in the fall and spring.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Our location is the Sophia Peace Center which is dedicated to consciousness and sustainable, eco-friendly and socially-responsible practices.  Meals feature local, organic ingredients. 

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