Hawikku or Hawikuh

This ancestral village of Zuni Pueblo was founded in the 1200s and was the largest of the Zuñi pueblos and the first to be seen by Spanish explorers. Originally thought to be one of the fabled gold Cities of Cíbola, Hawikuh was conquered by Coronado in 1540 and served as his headquarters for several months. Hawikuh was referred to as the "Capital of the Zuñis." A mission, La Purisima Concepcíón, was established at the pueblo but was destroyed during the Great Pueblo Revolt of 1680 when the New Mexico pueblos rose against the Spanish. Hawikuh was permanently abandoned after the revolt. In its prime Hawikuh had up to 150 rooms surrounding a central plaza and stood four stories high with multiple numbers of kivas and a population between 500 to 700. Remaining are extensive ruins atop a long low ridge and the adobe mounds of the mission church.

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Latitude: 34.9591208 Longitude: -108.9963055 Elevation: 6135 ft
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Hours Open

Only by tour scheduled through the Zuni Visitor Center.

Time Period Represented

1200 A.D. to 1680 A.D.

Seasons Open

Year-round depending on weather.

Visitor Fees

$75 for a custom tour of up to four people with advance notice. $50 for Wednesdays at 1:00 P.M. for two people and $15 for each additional person.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Rough open terrain with limited to no accessibility.

Pet Friendly Notes

Check with Zuni Tourism staff.

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