Dolores River

The Dolores River is a tributary to the Colorado River. Its headwaters are high in the San Juan Mountains; it flows west then north joining the Colorado River at Dewey Bridge in Utah, near Moab. The Dolores is unique as a US river that flows north. Day trips boating on the river can be fun upstream of Town—including the legendary Stampede Hole for kayaking, and the Lower Dolores has one of the few multi-day raft trips available without permit requirements. Flows below Town on the Lower Dolores are controlled by McPhee Dam. McPhee Reservoir is the main source of water for municipal uses and irrigation in the region

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Latitude: 37.4677736 Longitude: -108.5284424 Elevation: 7081 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

There are great opportunities for rafting, kayaking, fishing and tubing (late season).

Seasons Accessible

The best boating occurs during the spring runoff with fishing and more liesure activity taking place during summer and fall months.


none - see the following link for more boating information:

ADA Accessibility Notes

ADA fishing accessibility in Riverside Park in the Town of Dolores

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets allowed but be aware of jurisdictional restrictions for leases in the Town of Dolores

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