Colorado Welcome Center at Cortez

Colorado has 10 Welcome Centers, located at key entrance points across the state. The Welcome Centers, which are staffed by an outstanding group of volunteers, serve as a great source of information for visitors coming to Colorado.  The Cortez Welcome Center was opened in 1988.  As Cortez is located at a literal crossroads, 35 miles from the Four Corners of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, the Colorado Welcome Center at Cortez serves as an information center for all four states.


 The Welcome Center is home to one of the three bookstores run by the Mesa Verde Museum Association: a non-profit organization supporting education, interpretation, and research at Mesa Verde National Park since 1930. The Welcome Center also houses part of the Cortez Historical Society’s collection of Ancestral Puebloan artifacts in our modern day Kiva where guests are able to sit and enjoy Division of Wildlife videos, as well as the City of Cortez’s informational channel on a second flat screen.


Learn where to stay and play from our friendly Travel Counselors; real Coloradoans who are as quick with a smile as they are with advice and access over 650 different brochures about Colorado, New Mexico, Utah & Arizona. Clean restrooms, free coffee, and internet access are available. 

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Latitude: 37.3491278 Longitude: -108.5730529 Elevation: 6177 ft
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Year Round

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Winter: (Labor Day to Memorial Day) 9 am to 5 pm, Summer: (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 8 am to 6 pm



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