BLM El Malpais NCA - The Narrows

This striking two lane road, NM-117, hugs the base of the 100 feet sandstone cliffs. It gets its title from the narrow width left after the recent McCartys lava flowed almost to the base of the cliffs. The habitat is cooler with shade half the day and lush–for the high desert–with trees and shrubs. Keep the driver focused on the winding road, then look up for arches and other weathered shapes in the sandstone.

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Latitude: 34.8730104 Longitude: -107.8903341 Elevation: 6959 ft

Length of Byway or Route

4 miles

Driving Directions

18 miles south of I-40 exit 89 on NM-117.  The drive starts at La Ventana Arch and ends at The South Narrows Picnic Area.

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