BLM El Malpais NCA - Cebolla Springs

Come visit this rare springs in Cebolla Canyon. It is surrounded by and just outside the wilderness area and is accessible by foot, mountain bike, and high clearance 4WD vehicles. Note that bicycles and motorized vehicles are not allowed to leave the road in the NCA. This is a great place for hiking off trail  Vehicles have the option of making the loop south then east to County Road 41 then north to the starting point off SR 117. The northern access to the springs from SR 117 is rocky and steep over the final half mile, whereas the longer southern  route is easier.

The valley meadow is around 7500 feet in elevation where abundant grasses and wildflowers are seen in wet years. South slopes are forested with Pinyon-Juniper and north slopes have mostly Ponderosa Pine. Birds come from all 3 of these habitats to the springs which is near the dirt road. Fall and Spring migrants also frequent this site with stop-overs. There is seldom standing water, thus waterfowl are rare.

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Latitude: 34.6791702 Longitude: -107.8505301 Elevation: 7417 ft

Best Time for Viewing

All year; although wet roads can be impassible due to mud. Check with the ranger station.

Best Months and Seasons for Viewing

Spring & Fall: midday; Summer: early morning & early evening; and Winter: when road is passable

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