Bill Loyd Studio Gallery

My materials are the refuse of industry. My world is filled with castoff oilfield pipe, expired pressure vessels and rusty chain. As I survey these objects in junkyards and surplus auctions, my mind leaves "the box", turns a corner and proceeds along some unknown path. On this path, I am challenged to discover the potential for self expression. I find joy in that challenge.

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Latitude: 36.0589243 Longitude: -105.8092813 Elevation: 8030 ft
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Bill Loyd

Seasons Open


Hours Open

Nearly always open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Call ahead to confirm: (505) 689-1090



Eco-Friendly Notes

Our work focuses on recycling, with finished works averaging 95% recycled/re-purposed materials.

Bill insists on utilizing rust, scraps and industrial castoffs, even though it's often not economically effective to do so.

This choice to tread lightly begins to affect every part of one's experience, consistently away from today's consumer/throwaway society, in favor of a much more colorful, inner life of the ongoing use of one's imagination and creativity. The outcome is often richer and always more rewarding.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Our outdoor sculpture garden is irregular and unpaved.

Pet Friendly Notes

We have two dogs and two cats, so ask before you let yours out.

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